Why Everyone is Loving Himalayan Salt Lamps

We have been seeing more and more Himalayan Salt Lamps appear in homes throughout, but it's not just because they are beautiful home décor, which of course they still are a beautiful feature!  But these salt lamps have so much more to offer to your home space and your health's wellness.  They can help to purify the air in the space it is placed in, enhance mood positivity, promote calmness and relaxation, reduce allergy and asthma symptoms and provide a warming atmosphere.

Firstly, back to basics;

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Salts Lamps, are a large cluster of rock salt which have been mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain range.  They can range in a variety of colours from pink, light orange, and even white, which can be a rare form.  Once mined, in a variety of different sizes, they are hollowed out and fitted with a light bulb, which provides both light and warmth to the salt cluster.

So what are the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps and how do they provide these benefits?


  • Cleanse and Purifies the Air - Himalayan Salt Lamps can help to purify the air through hydroscopy.  Salt is hydroscopic, which means that the salt itself attracts water molecules from its surrounding environment.  These water molecules however are not always the only pure water particles in the air, most of the time many foreign particles are attached alongside the water particles. These other substances can be dust, pollen, mold and allergens, as well as possible bacteria and virus particles.  So through hydroscopy, the salt attracts the water molecules, pulling in water and the pollutants and contaminants attached.  The light from within the salt lamp is then producing heat through the lamp salt, evaporating the water back into the air while retaining the pollutants and contaminants to the salt, resulting in cleansed, purified air for you to breathe in.
  • Neutralises Electromagnetic Radiation - in our 'modern day' type of life these days, our work and personal life is starting to constantly revolve more and more around electronic gadgets, for instance, Soy Gypsea operates as an online store, created and monitored through the electrical online world, and this blog, brought to you through online technology.  It can be hard to escape the modern world of using technology as our lives and work pretty much rely on it these days.  All these electrical gadgets we use, smartphones, laptops/computers, televisions, etc, give off Electromagnetic Radiation.  While this EM radiation is invisible, constant exposure can still cause harmful effects to our bodies.  Effects such as increasing stress levels, cause fatigue, and decrease the bodies immunity.  Salt Lamps when warmed release negative ions and are said to counteract and neutralise electronic radiation, reducing the effects that can occur from this radiation.  Keep a Salt Lamp next to your computer, TV, or any electronic gadgets you may use frequently.
  • Reduces Allergy and Asthma Symptoms - just like how Salt Lamps can cleanse and purify the air, this also works almost the same as reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.  When the Salt Lamp is warmed, it is said to release negative ions into the surrounding air.  These negative ions can then attach to any positive ions in the air which are formed from microscopic particles of dust, pollen, air contaminants and pollutants, more negative ions will then outweigh the positive ions, causing the dust, pollutants, contaminants to drop to the floor, resulting in clean, balanced air (just remember to clean the floor and your surfaces regularly!).
  • Enhances Mood, Improves Concentration and Sleep - it is said that positive ions can drain your energy, increase stress levels, and decrease your regular sleeping pattern.  Negative ions released from Salt Lamps help to balance and neutralise the negative and positive ions in the air around.  Negative ions and balanced air then help to rejuvenate your body and mind, boost your daytime energy, relieve stress and improve sleep.  The soft glow from the lamp can also naturally have a pleasant soothing affect to your mind and body, helping with relaxation and calmness.

It's fair to say these amazing benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps and personally feeling these effects they provide, for ourselves, has won us over!  Our favourite places to place our Salt Lamps are in our bedroom, in our busy living space and next to our work space.  As a bonus we also love placing it beside us through meditation and yoga to add a mindfulness creative space.

We hope this blog has provided you with some beautiful information on the amazing benefits Himalayan Salt Lamps actually have to offer, and not just a pretty face of these Lamps.


Soy Gypsea xx