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PURE BLEND Essential Oil - Clear Minds
PURE BLEND Essential Oil - Clear Minds

PURE BLEND Essential Oil - Clear Minds

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Soy Gypsea Pure Blend Essential Oils are made using high quality - 100% pure essential oils
-Bottle size 15ml- 


- 'I appreciate the deep breath's that I inhale of sacred purified air, flowing through my body and soul enlightening me from within ' -


Clear Minds Pure Blend is a creation that may help assist in purifying the earths air around you which may have been altered from its natural state through toxins and pollutants, allowing a refreshed and cleansed aroma to flow inside, throughout ones self.  Enriched with native and zesty oils with therapeutic properties to help relieve symptoms of cold and flu illness, cleansing, decongesting and refreshing the airway, strengthening the body's immune system, while boosting energy flows, alertness and concentration, helping to restore health and wellbeing.

Have this blend handy whenever a sense of winter illness may be taking it's toll on your body and spirit, allowing the aromas to diffuse throughout your space where you have allowed to cleanse and revive, within your bedroom space to ease congestion while sleeping, or add blend combination to your bath to relax, refresh and Clear the Mind.


  • PEPPERMINT EUCALYPTUS - energiser for mental fatigue, clears bacteria in respiratory tract
  • LEMON - refreshing, cleansing and an energy boost, improves concentration and alertness
  • TEA TREE - fights sinus and respiratory infection, strengthens the body's immune system
  • FRANKINCENSE - relieves stress, achieving a feeling of peace and relaxation, eases aches and pains


Please click here to refer to our 'how to use your Pure Blends Essential Oils' page, to immerse yourself in therapeutic and fulfilling ways to safely use your Soy Gypsea Oils



Our PURE BLENDS Essential Oils are handmade-to-order!  Please allow 1 - 2 days for us to create your beautiful blend before shipment



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(Consulting a health professional before using essential oils is highly recommended, especially during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or if you suffer from health issues)