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PURE BLEND Essential Oil - Uplifting Vibes
PURE BLEND Essential Oil - Uplifting Vibes

PURE BLEND Essential Oil - Uplifting Vibes

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Soy Gypsea Pure Blend Essential Oils are made using high quality - 100% pure essential oils
-Bottle size 15ml- 


- 'I am grateful for the light of day, embracing all positivity around me, immersing myself in the happiness through life' -


Uplifting Vibes Pure Blends is a creation to reawaken the soul and spirit in all feelings of vibrancy, empowerment and pure bliss.  Blended with delicate citrusy aromas - will enhance you feeling uplifted and enlightened with a sense of unwanted worries and stress lifted away allowing you to regain a place within you for fulfilled positivity.  Sparking passionate vibes and boosting energy, uplifting your mood throughout your mind and body.

Have this blend handy with you first thing in the morning to awaken with a positive and uplifting mindset to begin your day, utilise this blend in the afternoon to re-energise and refresh your senses or diffuse aromas throughout your home to set a happy, uplifting and joyful space.


  • ORANGE - boosts energy, elevates mood and improves positivity
  • MANDARIN - uplifting, alleviates feeling of anxiety, moodiness and stress
  • GERANIUM - calms nerves and reduces stress, balances and uplifts the spirit
  • PATCHOULI - grounding, balances emotions and encourages mindfulness


Please click here to refer to our 'how to use your Pure Blends Essential Oils' page, to immerse yourself in therapeutic and fulfilling ways to safely use your Soy Gypsea Oils.



Our PURE BLENDS Essential Oils are handmade-to-order!  Please allow 1 - 2 days for us to create your beautiful blend before shipment



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(Consulting a health professional before using essential oils is highly recommended, especially during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or if you suffer from health issues)