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About us

Soy Gypsea, based along a coastal beach in Western Australia - was created to share handmade natural aromatherapy candles and festival style glitter creations.

Creating handpoured, natural aromatherapy candles to provide therapeutic benefits while infusing natural aromas throughout your homes and personal spaces.  Using only pure essential oils and soy wax our candles are 100% toxic free and environmentally friendly.  Our candles are made to order - online, and are newly made in small batches for markets.

Soy Gypsea loves festival season, and we want to throw glitter your way with our Glitterlips and Stardust products to help embrace all your free spirited styles.  Not only for festival season, we love seeing Glitterlips being apart of your style throughout the whole year.

None of our products are tested on any animals!

We hope you love our creations!