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About Us

Soy Gypsea - based along a coastal beach in Western Australia, has been created to bring and share handmade natural aromatherapy products and creations.

Starting our journey with a curiosity of essential oils and natural living, we began to explore and make the switch to non-toxic, chemical free, home, beauty and body products and was well on our way to constantly researching and learning about the many wonders of essential oils and aromatherapy.  With a passion to provide our new found love, to create aromatherapy products and share them to all the beautiful people of the universe. 

This is what we did!  We created our signature Aromatherapy Soy Candle range.  Carefully creating blends of essential oils, we like to call 'bottles of Nature's Goodness', that offer specific therapeutic properties to aid a range of lifestyles and/or wellness concerns, these blends were firstly used in our candles.

Our Aromatherapy Soy Candles were the perfect first natural product we wanted to offer, as we learnt about the harmful toxic chemicals that are produced through conventional candles and fragrances.  Providing homes and spaces with clean, chemical free aromas brought us great joy to be able to be a part of creating and offering natural products to assist with a person’s journey to natural living and wellness.

Wanting to continue with this joy and passion of being able to help, we are now on the road to continuing to create and provide a range of other aromatherapy products and essential oils, as well as offering information, and tips and tricks to share the love of natural living and wellness.

We hope you love our creations, products and content, and choose us to be a part of your natural living and wellness lifestyle!

Soy Gypsea xx