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Aromatherapy Blends

Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment using essential oils and natural aromatic botanicals for psychological and physical well-being. Essential oils each have their own healing effects on certain parts of the body and it’s systems, and influences the mind when used correctly. Essential oil blends can be inhaled, applied or water immersed. Soy Gypsea uses high quality, 100% pure essential oils. We have created and tested our essential oil blends through family and friends to provide you with beautiful soul-filled aromas that each have their own therapeutic benefits to your body and mind.



Sweet Dreams Pure Blend is a creation to assist in calming and relaxing one’s mind, body and soul.  With each infused breathe these soothing aromas will unwind and centre you, leaving a feeling of tranquilness and peace.  This relaxing blend may also help relieve tension and sleep disturbances, enhancing a neutering and re-energising sleep.

Have this blend handy with you on days that you may need a little help to unwind, settle and relax.  Diffuse throughout your home space to calm stressed and overwhelmed vibes, let the aromas flow through and around you while you meditate or diffuse in your bedroom to experience a deep, comfortable sleep and Sweet Dreams.


  • LAVENDER - alleviates sleep disturbances, soothing and calming on the nerves releasing tension, reducing panic and anxiety
  • CHAMOMILE - relaxant, fights anxiety and depression
  • SANDALWOOD - grounding and calming, achieving mental clarity and a relaxing sleep


Uplifting Vibes Pure Blends is a creation to reawaken the soul and spirit in all feelings of vibrancy, empowerment and pure bliss.  Blended with delicate citrusy aromas - will enhance you feeling uplifted and enlightened with a sense of unwanted worries and stress lifted away allowing you to regain a place within you for fulfilled positivity.  Sparking passionate vibes and boosting energy, uplifting your mood throughout your mind and body.

Have this blend handy with you first thing in the morning to awaken with a positive and uplifting mindset to begin your day, utilise this blend in the afternoon to re-energise and refresh your senses or diffuse aromas throughout your home to set a happy, uplifting and joyful space.


  • ORANGE - boosts energy, elevates mood and improves positivity
  • MANDARIN - uplifting, alleviates feeling of anxiety, moodiness and stress
  • GERANIUM - calms nerves and reduces stress, balances and uplifts the spirit
  • PATCHOULI - grounding, balances emotions and encourages mindfulness


Stay Grounded Pure Blend is a creation to bring you back to feeling centred and grounded when you begin to feel cloudiness in the mind and body enhancing mental clarity and balance.  Restoring relaxation and harmony as you return back to your inner-centre from long distance travel, airplane flights or new surroundings and environments.  Promoting ones self to release negative emotions and energies, elevating mood positivity. 

Have this blend handy with you to Stay Grounded throughout long distance travels, adventure packed road trips, in your workspace when you are feeling stressed-cloudy thoughts or in your home space to create a grounded sanctuary.


  • LIME - uplifting and invigorating, enhancing a positive mood and mind, helpful for mental and travel fatigue
  • GRAPEFRUIT - alleviating feeling of anxiety, moodiness and stress
  • YLANG YLANG - releases negative emotions and enhances mood positivity along with calming and relaxing properties



Clear Minds Pure Blend is a creation that may help assist in purifying the earths air around you which may have been altered from its natural state through toxins and pollutants, allowing a refreshed and cleansed aroma to flow inside, throughout ones self.  Enriched with native and zesty oils with therapeutic properties to help relieve symptoms of cold and flu illness, cleansing, decongesting and refreshing the airway, strengthening the body's immune system, while boosting energy flows, alertness and concentration, helping to restore health and wellbeing.

Have this blend handy whenever a sense of winter illness may be taking it's toll on your body and spirit, allowing the aromas to diffuse throughout your space where you have allowed to cleanse and revive, within your bedroom space to ease congestion while sleeping, or add blend combination to your bath to relax, refresh and Clear the Mind.


  • PEPPERMINT EUCALYPTUS - energiser for mental fatigue, clears bacteria in respiratory tract
  • LEMON - refreshing, cleansing and an energy boost, improves concentration and alertness
  • TEA TREE - fights sinus and respiratory infection, strengthens the body's immune system
  • FRANKINCENSE - relieves stress, achieving a feeling of peace and relaxation, eases aches and pains



Stress Remedy Pure Blend is a creation to help assist to unwind and let go of negative energies and emotions that may have been picked up through the flow of life.  A soothing blend to ease mental and nervous exhaustion that may have built up from change and adjustment to involvement in unusual environments and situations.  Allowing one to calm and refresh the spirit and revive for a new moment and day, greeting positivity once again.

Create a calm and quiet space allowing the aromas of this blend to relax and destress any thoughts and feelings, rejuvenating a clear mind and thought mentality.  Cleansing the air around you and your aura of negative energies, creating a Stress Remedy sanctuary.


  • LEMONGRASS - helps nervous exhaustion and stress, relieves symptoms of jetlag
  • BERGAMOT - uplifting, calming and soothing aroma, relieves depression
  • YLANG YLANG - enhances mood positivity, releasing negative emotions, limits stress along with calming and relaxing properties



Summer Spice Pure Blend is a blend to indulge your senses.  A warm spiced blend gives off that perfect (Christmas) holiday feel, with a touch of an Australian summer Christmas, from the combination of sweet citrusy orange.