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Our Products


Soy Gypsea aromatherapy candles are carefully handcrafted - hand poured fresh to order, or in small batches for markets.  Made with only high quality pure essential oils, we do not use any fragrance oils, only pure natural essential oils to provide aromatherapy benefits and natural, chemical free aromas.  Our candles are created using only 100% natural ingredients, making them free from chemicals and synthetics such as petrochemicals, phthalates and parabens.

These ingredients include:

100% Plant Based Pure Soy Wax - all natural, eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.  Manufactured from renewable sources. Soy can be replaced at a rate faster than the rate of consumption.  Soy wax contains no pesticide residue, no petroleum based products or no paraffin based ingredients, making it all natural, non-toxic and a clean slow burn.

Cotton Wicks - zinc and lead free, cotton wicks with a natural wax coating

Essential Oils - we source high quality, pure essential oils from trusted suppliers and sustainable farming practices.  All our essential oils, apart from our Roman Chamomile - which is blended with jojoba oil, is all 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.


We carefully select and blend all our Pure Blends Essential Oils ourselves, which extensive research, testing and crafting of each oil, to bring you perfect therapeutic beneficial oils for a variety of wellbeing and lifestyle concerns and wellness.  All our products containing essential oils, are used with high quality, 100% pure oils, sourced from trusted suppliers and sustainable farming practices.  We offer information on how to use all our essential oil products, as care and correct application must be taken when using any essential oils.