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PURE BLEND Essential Oil - Stay Grounded


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Soy Gypsea Pure Blend Essential Oils are made using high quality - 100% pure essential oils
-Bottle size 15ml- 


- 'Here I return to my centre, releasing negative emotions and seeing clarity through my mind and body, finding balance in ones self again' -


Stay Grounded Pure Blend is a creation to bring you back to feeling centred and grounded when you begin to feel cloudiness in the mind and body enhancing mental clarity and balance.  Restoring relaxation and harmony as you return back to your inner-centre from long distance travel, airplane flights or new surroundings and environments.  Promoting ones self to release negative emotions and energies, elevating mood positivity. 

Have this blend handy with you to Stay Grounded throughout long distance travels, adventure packed road trips, in your workspace when you are feeling stressed-cloudy thoughts or in your home space to create a grounded sanctuary.


  • LIME - uplifting and invigorating, enhancing a positive mood and mind, helpful for mental and travel fatigue
  • GRAPEFRUIT - alleviating feeling of anxiety, moodiness and stress
  • YLANG YLANG - releases negative emotions and enhances mood positivity along with calming and relaxing properties


Please click here to refer to our 'how to use your Pure Blends Essential Oils' page, to immerse yourself in therapeutic and fulfilling ways to safely use your Soy Gypsea Oils.



Our PURE BLENDS Essential Oils are handmade-to-order!  Please allow 1 - 2 days for us to create your beautiful blend before shipment.



*Please note, the essential oil Fragonia is not currently included in our Stay Grounded blend, until further notice*
SHIPPING NOTE:  This product can only be sent via road and is unavailable for international shipping.  Delivery times may be delayed for interstate shipping
(Consulting a health professional before using essential oils is highly recommended, especially during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or if you suffer from health issues)