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PURE BLEND Essential Oil - Stress Remedy


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Soy Gypsea Pure Blend Essential Oils are made using high quality - 100% pure essential oils
-Bottle size 15ml- 


- 'Here I release from my mind, body and soul, all stressful thoughts from behind me and all worries in front of me' -


Stress Remedy Pure Blend is a creation to help assist to unwind and let go of negative energies and emotions that may have been picked up through the flow of life.  A soothing blend to ease mental and nervous exhaustion that may have built up from change and adjustment to involvement in unusual environments and situations.  Allowing one to calm and refresh the spirit and revive for a new moment and day, greeting positivity once again.

Create a calm and quiet space allowing the aromas of this blend to relax and destress any thoughts and feelings, rejuvenating a clear mind and thought mentality.  Cleansing the air around you and your aura of negative energies, creating a Stress Remedy sanctuary.


  • LEMONGRASS - helps nervous exhaustion and stress, relieves symptoms of jetlag
  • BERGAMOT - uplifting, calming and soothing aroma, relieves depression
  • YLANG YLANG - enhances mood positivity, releasing negative emotions, limits stress along with calming and relaxing properties


Please click here to refer to our 'how to use your Pure Blends Essential Oils' page, to immerse yourself in therapeutic and fulfilling ways to safely use your Soy Gypsea Oils.



Our PURE BLENDS Essential Oils are handmade-to-order!  Please allow 1 - 2 days for us to create your beautiful blend before shipment



SHIPPING NOTE:  This product can only be sent via road and is unavailable for international shipping.  Delivery times may be delayed for interstate shipping
(Consulting a health professional before using essential oils is highly recommended, especially during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or if you suffer from health issues)